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Why Choose Us?

Inflatable Foot Dart Game will be the new latest craze for virtually any event. People play it just like as darts but which has a giant dart board along with football darts that adhere to the darts board. Mainly because it is suitable for all ages from youngsters to the oldest person, it becomes the latest trend in the whole world. In a series involving fun new clips, sports fans from Base Sports world show tips on how to play the inventive brand-new mash-up sport.

We have a number of varieties of foot dart available for sale including different sizes, shade choices and designs. According to the size of your area or theme of your respective event, we can be sure we offer the right product in your case. When looking to invest in these inflatables then as manufacturers on this product we should certainly be capable of offer best value. Within the sale in the item comes the footballs and pump so you have to be ready to go once it is delivered.

Regarding the costs of inflatable dart surface, we pleasure ourselves on offering each of our products at competitive charges. Whilst our products will not be the cheapest available, they are made from the highest quality products available. This ensure the durability for the football dart board, which makes spending a little bit more on it worthwhile. Therefore we strongly recommend to acquire a football board inflatable in contrast to renting this out. For more info on hiring one of our own facilities, please feel liberal to contact us via the provided contact page. Our team are always happy that may help you answer any of your questions by giving the key advice and knowledge which you are required Within the sale in the item comes the footballs and pump so you have to be ready to go once it is delivered.

  • Strong & wind-resistant
  • Various designs with great fun
  • Great safety and vivid colors
  • Customized sizes are acceptable
  • Full-digital printing
  • Free shipping by air
  • Double stitching inside and outside;
  • Enough anchor/D-rings to keep stability and safety under use


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For more information, feel free to give us a call and we will be ready to serve you. We offer foot darts boards among other equipment that last longer because they are made of the highest quality. Buy an inflatable foot dart now and start enjoying the new game. It is fun to play foot dart game. If you want to enjoy such an exciting game, just buy inflatable foot dart from us or visit our website for more inquiry.